Punjab budget 2020-21

Main highlights from Punjab Government’s Provincial Budget 2020-21

After a rather dull and uneventful budget by Federal government, Punjab government today presented a very detailed and interesting provincial budget that...
Pakistan Remittances

Pakistan’s Remittances increase by 2.7% despite worst predictions

According to the press release by State Bank of Pakistan, the workers’ remittances for Pakistan increased by $551. 5 million to $20,654...
pakistan budget 2020-21

Budget 2020-21: Positive Takeaways for Pakistan’s Economy

The Federal budget 2020-21 was presented today in National Assembly. The total budget expenditure is estimated at Rs. 7.2 trillion, 11% down...
Pakistan Digital economy

Pakistan’s Digital Economy: Steps needed for Fourth Industrial Revolution

This article is based on the analytical report on Pakistan Mobile Ecosystem, prepared by GSMA Intelligence which is a definitive source of...
pakistan paris club

Pakistan finally gets debt relief from Paris Club!

Pakistan finally gets debt relief from Paris Club after months of meetings and negotiations among bilateral lenders. After inclusion of Pakistan and...
KPK Pehur Hydel Project

KPK 18MW Pehur Power Plant starts providing cheap electricity to Industries

The provincial government of KPK yesterday announced the start of operations by Pehur Hydel Powerplant that is now providing 18MW electricity. The...
Budget Preview 2020-21

Budget 2020-21 Preview: COVID-19 Relief to remain government priority

The Federal government is all set to announce the Fiscal Year (FY) budget 2020-2021 on 12th June, 2020. According to government sources,...
Police crackdown on markets SOPs

Police in Faisalabad deflate tires for not wearing masks, Punjab, KPK...

The PTI-led government in KPK and Punjab are finally getting serious in implementation of SOPs after the Covid-19 cases increase rapidly during...
Auto industry Budget 2020-2021

Auto Industry to get Great Relief in Budget 2020-2021

The Federal government in its struggle to look after revival of industries in Pakistan post lock down, has proposed relief steps for...
Oil Price Crash

Has the worst of Oil Crisis Passed? Possible Implications for Pakistan

As the world starts to re-open economies after months long lock down, Oil analysts around the globe are predicting end of oil...

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