Auto industry Budget 2020-2021

Auto Industry to get Great Relief in Budget 2020-2021

The Federal government in its struggle to look after revival of industries in Pakistan post lock down, has proposed relief steps for...
Oil Price Crash

Has the worst of Oil Crisis Passed? Possible Implications for Pakistan

As the world starts to re-open economies after months long lock down, Oil analysts around the globe are predicting end of oil...
Bunker Boy

“Don’t Hide Bunker Boy!” Trump mocked by China amid protests

Amidst the pandemic and resulting health and economic chaos, there has been an unusual and alarming unrest in the world. The incident...

CPI clocks in at 8.2%, Petrol Price drop by Rs. 7.06

The Year on Year (YoY) CPI inflation for Pakistan clocked in at 8.2% for the month of May 2020, a 0.3% reduction...
immunity boost

WHO recommended Guide to Boost Immunity and Safe-Guard Health

Unlike previous years, Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 brought with it bundle of fears and uncertainties regarding spread of coronavirus. The Federal government’s decision to...
Dr Yasmin Rashid

No shortage of Beds or Ventilators in Punjab: Rescue 1122 gets...

Amidst the panic created in Pakistan regarding shortage of beds and ventilators in different parts of country, the Health Minister of Punjab,...
first Pakistan-Afghanistan transit trade Gwadar

Pakistan starts first Afghanistan Transit trade via Gwadar Port

Friday May 29 marks first day of transit trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan through Gwadar Port. The operations through Gwadar port to...
Locust plague in Pakistan

Locust Attack! Okara farmers turn Tiddi-dil into Chicken feed

An insect knows no barrier! The locust infestation in 2019 started around same time in Africa, Arabian Peninsula and South Asia, affecting...

Can Chinese JH-7 Aircraft be Pakistan’s ‘Sea Guardian’?

Rising tensions on Pakistan-India border and now India-China border, are signaling towards a more grave concern than just routine stand-offs. The three...

This fruit vendor provided free water bottles to rescue workers of...

Khalid Hussain, a fruit vendor from Karachi, is being hailed as a hero after he provided cold water to rescue workers of...

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