Police crackdown on markets SOPs

Police in Faisalabad deflate tires for not wearing masks, Punjab, KPK...

The PTI-led government in KPK and Punjab are finally getting serious in implementation of SOPs after the Covid-19 cases increase rapidly during...
Inverter ACs in Pakistan

10 Best DC Inventor ACs to buy in Pakistan 2020

With temperature in major cities of Pakistan crossing 45℃ and Monsoon on its way, the surge in electricity bills is imminent. The...
Auto industry Budget 2020-2021

Auto Industry to get Great Relief in Budget 2020-2021

The Federal government in its struggle to look after revival of industries in Pakistan post lock down, has proposed relief steps for...
Oil Price Crash

Has the worst of Oil Crisis Passed? Possible Implications for Pakistan

As the world starts to re-open economies after months long lock down, Oil analysts around the globe are predicting end of oil...
Bunker Boy

“Don’t Hide Bunker Boy!” Trump mocked by China amid protests

Amidst the pandemic and resulting health and economic chaos, there has been an unusual and alarming unrest in the world. The incident...

CPI clocks in at 8.2%, Petrol Price drop by Rs. 7.06

The Year on Year (YoY) CPI inflation for Pakistan clocked in at 8.2% for the month of May 2020, a 0.3% reduction...
immunity boost

WHO recommended Guide to Boost Immunity and Safe-Guard Health

Unlike previous years, Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 brought with it bundle of fears and uncertainties regarding spread of coronavirus. The Federal government’s decision to...
Best Gaming Laptops

5 Best Gaming laptops under Rs. 250,000 in Pakistan

The portable gaming laptops are quickly replacing gaming PCs these days. The portable gaming laptops not only provide an immersive gaming experience...
Dr Yasmin Rashid

No shortage of Beds or Ventilators in Punjab: Rescue 1122 gets...

Amidst the panic created in Pakistan regarding shortage of beds and ventilators in different parts of country, the Health Minister of Punjab,...
India Releases Spy Pigeon

India Returns Pakistan’s James Bond Pigeon

The Indian government of Jammu and Kashmir has returned the alleged spy pigeon from Pakistan after declaring it suspicion free. The Indian...

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