Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Top 5 Natural Wonders to Visit in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is blessed with the enthralling beauty. Below is List of Top 5 Natural Wonders to Visit in Islamabad
Islamic College Peshawar

Top 10 Famous Places in Peshawar

Situated in Valley of Peshawar with captivating Hindu Kush Mountains in the backdrop, the city is all set to make you love it. Check out Most Popular Places to visit in Peshawar

Top 10 Must Visit Places in Islamabad

Nestled between the upright Margalla Hills (of Himalayan Range), stands Islamabad-the capital city of Pakistan. Owing to its picturesque backdrop and...
K2 Pakistan

5 Mountain Peaks in Pakistan ranked among World’s Highest

Mighty structures rising from the Earth adorned with slopes and ridges never disappoint us with their astonishing beauty. When these colossal entities...
Khewra Salt Mine Mosque

Khewra Salt Mines – Tourist Guide

Pakistan is a land blessed with the best by nature. Whether it is the fossil fuels or the rare gems, the hidden...
Pakistan Tourism

10 Insider Tips for Tourists Visiting Pakistan in 2020

Are you inspired by the recent global media coverage of Pakistan which termed it Best Travel Destination for 2020 and planning to...
Pakistan Travel

Pakistan Termed Best Holiday Destination for 2020

Pakistan managed to gain the attention of international forums which accolade it with the best holiday and travel destination to be explored...
A Karachite’s Guide to Food in Lahore

A Karachite’s Guide to Food in Lahore

Latest survey by UN’s World Urbanization Prospects data shows staggering results for demographics of Pakistan with rapid urbanization of cities especially Lahore....

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