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KPK 18MW Pehur Power Plant starts providing cheap electricity to Industries

KPK Pehur Hydel Project

The provincial government of KPK yesterday announced the start of operations by Pehur Hydel Powerplant that is now providing 18MW electricity. The hydel power plant is now providing around 18MW of electricity to selected industrial units of the city.

Hydel Power Projects in KPK

The Pehur Powerplant project is an addition to already completed seven hydel power plant projects by KPK government that are providing more than 161 MW capacity through Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development organization (PEDO). The PTI led government has committed to construct 1000 micro hydro projects in different areas of the province to overcome electricity shortage and provide electricity at cheap rates. Several projects have already been completed and are serving the locals of KPK.

The KPK government under PTI in their previous tenure have already completed three major hydel power projects generating 52.2 MW electricity. These include 36 MW Daral Hydel Project in Swat, 17 MW Ranolia Hydel Project in Kohistan and 2.6 MW Machai Hydel Project in Mardan.

KPK 18 MW Pehur Power Plant

The provincial government in July 2019 under KP Energy and Power Department signed an agreement with private group of industries in KPK. Under the agreement, Pehur Hydel powerplant will provide electricity to industrial units at Rs. 9/unit through wheeling arrangement. The project is expected to generate an annual revenue of around Rs. 147 million for the KPK government.

Future Hydel Power Projects in KPK

The KPK government has committed to completed 200 MW Hydel Power Plant projects in this tenure to dedicated just for industrial zones. Five other main Hydel Power projects in progress include 40 MW Koto Project in Dir Lower, 11 MW Karora Project in Shangla, 10 MW Jabori Project in Mansehra, 84 MW Matiltan Project in Swat and 69 MW Lawi Project in Chitral.

After Pehur Power Project, Koto Hydel Power Plant, Karora Hydel Plant and Jabori Hydel Project will be completed this year while rest will be completed in 2022.



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