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Pakistan Exports Imports and Balance of Trade Data 1970 to 2020

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Pakistan Exports, Imports and Balance of Trade data evolution from July 1970 till date i.e Feb 2020 has been compiled using the authentic government source. The data for the below graph has been taken from the State Bank of Pakistan official website. The data is updated on monthly basis based on its publication on Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

The graph is interactive in nature to make it easy for our readers to interact with each data point. Moreover, you can also share it on social media via the social media buttons available on the chart.

What is Balance of Trade and Why it is an important Economic Indicator?

We have earlier explained Balance of Trade in a separate article published on Pakistanimage titled “Pakistan Balance of Trade evolution from 2012 till 2020” . We will share the summary below:

Balance of Trade is the gap between a country exports vs imports or in mathematical terms, it is country exports minus imports for any given time period. Positive value mean that the country is net exporter (trade surplus) and negative value means the country is net importer (trade deficit)

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