Is PUBG Getting Banned In Pakistan?


Famous multi-player game Players Unknown Battle Ground better known as PUBG could be banned in Pakistan after a petition in the Lahore High Court was filed in this regard.

Ever since its release, PUBG has received lots of negative reviews. Despite all this, it remains to be one of the most loved games of the recent times.


The Petitioner, Faizan Maqsood, requested the high court that an immediate ban should be placed on PUBG in Pakistan. He argued in his petition that the game has many negative effects on children as it “promotes violence”.

He further requested the honourable court to direct the relevant authorities to remove the game from Play Store. After reading the petition, the LHC directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to make a decision within six weeks in this regard.

Before this, this much loved game has been banned in Jordan, Iraq, Nepal, and the Indian state of Gujrat.

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