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Easy hairstyles for little girls


Something most of us might remember from our childhood is how we barely ever had a good hair day. Our moms knew how to tie one ponytail and do a basic three strand braid and that was the standard hairstyle we all wore in school.

As a lot of us have grown up, we see our childhood pictures and just wish that our hair wasn’t a Frankenstein disaster that day but alas! Our moms didn’t really have access to a lot of inspirations when it came to girls hairstyles.

As the world changed, these little things are no longer problems we have to deal with. Now, Pakistani moms have access to the internet and can be inspired by lots of cute little girl hairstyles that they can try on their daughters.

Who doesn’t want their daughter to be that kid that always has her hair done up all cute?

If you’re one of those moms looking for some inspiration for your daughter, you’re in the right place!

Below are our top hairstyle picks that totally work for Pakistani girls!

Braiding the top of her hair to replace the usual pinned back look is an easy way to update the dated hairstyle!

Braided girls hairstyles

No time to braid? Just twist the front pieces to the sides and add her favorite clips!

Tie a regular ponytail and then pull it through itself for a twisty ponytail that looks like you put a lot of effort into it!

Crank it up a notch by doing it twice and tying it all in a single ponytail at the end!

A simple half-updo but match the hair tie to the color of your child’s hair. This makes the style look more thought out than it really is!

Braiding the side section multiple times is easy yet looks super intricate!

Or just simply the front!

Braiding your daughter’s hair into a bun is great if your child loves to run around too much. This will ensure that her hair stays out of her face.

Multiple braids pulled into a ponytail is a fairytale-esque hairstyle that every girl will love!

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Try a bubble braid!

A tiny twisty braid wrapping around a simple ponytail is a great way to spruce up the classic pony. This is great for girls that aren’t too keen on making their hair look too different but still want an updated look.

Lastly, if you can’t think of anything else just add bows! Bows make any hairstyle look much more put together and is a great accessory to use to pull an outfit together!

At the end of the day, putting a little bit of effort into your daughters hair will not only make her look cute as heck but it’ll also be that extra 10 minutes of mommy-daughter bonding time. These are the little things your kids really remember when they’re older.

Another great way to bond is to do matching hair together! If these hairstyles are a little too childish for you to wear you should check out these really simple hairstyles and join the fun with your daughter!



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