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Eye Makeup: 3 tips for the perfect finished look!


The most exciting part about makeup is unarguably the eye makeup. Not only does it take a lot of practice to perfect, it has the ability to completely transform how you look.

Depending on your eye shape, choosing the right makeup for your eyes can really enhance your features. But ‘depending on your eye shape’ is the keyword here!

It might sound harsh but here it is: not every eye makeup is for everyone. When you are choosing the look you want to go for on the special weekend you have planned, you must be mindful of three very significant points:

  • Your eye shape
  • Choosing the right color palette
  • Be mindful of the eyeliner.

Point one and three kind of interlink!

Before we go into details of this, there is one key to makeup: There is no rule book. There is no right and wrong. One thing that looks stunning on that girl on Instagram can look entirely different on you.

Why? Because there is a lot that goes into it. It depends on our overall skin tone, your undertone, your eye color, the lip color you choose to pair it with and the list goes on and on.

You are going to learn it with trial and error. But to make this journey a little less challenging for you, we have collected the three most valuable and basic tips to get the perfect eye makeup look.

Wondering what they are? Here, have a look:

Know ‘where goes what’

Perhaps the most important piece of information that you should know. Different parts of your eye needs different kind of effort. The chart above will make it easy for you.

So let’s decipher it

You need to put soft matte browns into the crease. They add depth to your eyes. You must use a light iridescent shade in your tear duct and brow bone to add dimension.

Always remember that the main color goes on the lid. Always blend it with crease shades so there are no harsh lines. If you are taking these steps, you will already look like a (well-blended) pro!

Pick the right eyeliner shade for your eye color

Might appear a little insignificant, but it makes a world of a difference in the final look! Especially if you have light colored eyes or are a lens user, ditch the traditional black and go for brown.

Choosing the liner that really compliments your eye color is actually going to make it pop. Feeling extra daring? Go for a colored mascara too! You totally will love the how your eyes pop and stand out!

Nude on the waterline

Another very common mistake that is made during the eye makeup. People, especially in Pakistan, are fond of using black on the waterline. However, the entire dark black kohl kajal trend can actually make your eyes look smaller.

Opt for a nude eyeliner for waterline. Notice that the key here is ‘nude’ and not ‘white’. Whites can make your eyes look really sharp and harsh. However, a natural nude eyeliner on your waterline and highlighting your tear duct will really open up your eyes and make them pop!

Wondering where to get the most perfect nude eyeliner? Rimmel sells a really cool affordable one. Click here and check it out!

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