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Simple Mehndi Designs 2020


Eid is right around the corner. Even though this year Eid might be a little different because of lockdowns and quarantines, there’s one thing we can still do – Put mehndi on!

Most of us aren’t very artistic and can’t do very detailed designs but what’s to stop us by trying out some simple mehndi designs that we can easily do at home? Just because we can’t go to the salon to get it done this year doesn’t mean our hands have to be plain.

Here are our favourite simple mehndi designs that you can try out this Eid!

This unique spin on the classic “Flower in the middle” design is beautiful yet simple and easy to do!

Placing your henna design on the side of your palm instead of the middle can make it look unique while the design stays simple.

Try different shapes! We don’t have to stick to circles all the time. These diamond and square-shaped henna designs are a great way to freshen up a simple look!

Henna that looks like hand jewelry will never go out of style.

You can even try simple finger mehndi designs like these!

And lastly, changing up the classic “circle in the middle” and making it look different from everyone else!

A tip for someone who’s just starting out trying to put mehndi on for the first time, sketch out your design with a washable pen/marker before you go in with your mehndi. It’ll help keep your strokes confident because you’ll only be tracing it on the design you’ve already drawn!

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