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This desi trick will make your eyelashes look like extensions!


Ever since eyelash extensions became a thing, we’ve all wished that we too had that “I woke up like this” look.

For many of us though, getting eyelash extensions just isn’t the way to go. Not only are they expensive to get the first time but you have to constantly get refills (bye-bye savings). Not only do they cost a lot but are also very hard to maintain.

And here we thought they’re supposed to make our lives easier.

This leads all of us to wonder “can’t we just have eyelashes like that naturally?”

Guess what? Yes you can!

All it takes is one little desi trick that you’ve probably heard of but never actually tried it for eyelashes – Castor Oil!

Castor oil has a high concentrate of ricinoleic acid. This contains omega-6 fatty acids and is highly moisturizing. This is the magic potion we’ve all been looking for!

So how do you use it to grow thicker eyelashes naturally?


Take a clean spooly. (You can also use an empty mascara bottle)

Put a few drops of castor oil on the spooly and thoroughly coat your lashes with it. (Be careful to not get it in your actual eye)

That’s it!

Repeat this every night for 2 weeks and you’ll start noticing a visible difference!

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This oil helps nourish your lashes. Making them grow healthy and shiny. It’ll also prevent the loss of lashes because they’ll be much stronger as time goes on.

To get the full lash extension look, just curl your lashes every morning. It’ll not only reveal the real length of your lashes but will also help make you look a lot more awake than you really are.

Have you tried this little totka out? What other desi tip is your favorite when it comes to lash growth?



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