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Need some White Nikkah Dress inspiration? These brides have got you covered


Traditionally, Pakistani brides have worn Red on their weddings. Without a red wedding dress, brides were deemed incomplete or simple not bridal enough.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a switch. Pakistani weddings are changing. Some couples have completely forgone the usual 3-day events and moved to a 1-day wedding. Nikkahs have rerouted to the way it was done historically. With this, came back white nikkah dresses.

Whether you are a bride that wants to keep things very simple, or one that likes to shine bright like a diamond. White works with everything and you still look like a bride.

Here’s how you can wear white on your nikkah – from simple to totally decked out

Keeping it simple:

A simple white outfit like this is very easy to get made by a local tailor. Keeping the pishwas style shirt long helps make it look like you really put thought in your outfit – even if you didn’t 😉

You can switch out the trouser for a lehnga to make it even more bridal!

You can also a pop of color with a vibrant dupatta!

Brides who like to go for a little more done up look

Going for embroidery and stone work that matches your dress is a look that will always works!

You can add a second dupatta and make the look more regal

Or drape the single dupatta in the front like our mommas did in the 80s and the 90s

The ones who want to be totally decked out

You can go for intricate work like this

This compiles all the elements from the looks until now and beautifully brings them together.

Or you could have your Desi Cinderella moment and wear a giant lehnga with a huge dupatta that trails behind you fo’ days!

White dresses are so versatile that there’s always something for everyone. Playing around with different cuts, shapes and designs will make your dress literally one of a kind. It’s a look that will be around for decades.

What is your favorite “forever-trend” when it comes to weddings? We’d love to know!



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