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Aiman Khan reveals how she deals with online hate


Aiman Khan is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani entertainment industry right now. With over 6 million Instagram followers she’s the most followed celebrity in Pakistan.

You’d think that someone with that big of a following would be receiving all love all the time. But in reality, that’s far from the truth.

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Celebrities and other public figures also deal with cyber bullying and online hate. Whether it’s because of a character they did or something they said. Many of them have to entirely censor themselves and put forth a different version of themselves online than they are in real life – just to avoid the haters.

Aiman Khan is not one of those people.

She’s always been someone that’s very transparent. You can feel how authentic she is with all of her posts and interviews.

She’s one of the few Pakistani celebrities that have really put themselves out there and even have their family and children on their social media.

When asked about how she deals with the online hate she replied:

“You know in those thousands of comments, 99% comments are nice and 1% are rude – I don’t care about those 1% comments. I believe there are people who encourage you and discourage you. Everyone is not happy with your life and not everybody knows how I am living my life. We have our problems and issues too. Some people are so rude they don’t think that we have a family too.”

She further added that since the amount of love she receives outweighs the hate, she’s learnt how to compartmentalise and not react to the hate.

We can all take a page out of Aiman’s book It’s always good to look at the bright side of things. Instead of focusing on the 1 person that wants to tear you down, why not focus on the 10 that want to build you up?

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