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Pakistani Actress Arij Fatyma opened up about her pregnancy


Arij Fatyma Jafri is one of those Pakistani actresses that really make an impact with every role she takes on. She made her debut with GEO Tv in 2012 and has been in several dramas ever since.

Her fans especially loved her for the work she did as an antagonist in “Hasad”. She took a role that she knew would be hated by everyone and portrayed it so well that the audience found themselves with a place in their heart for the villain too!

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Arij took a break from acting to go back home to Michigan with her husband. Soon after she announced that they were expecting a baby!

She took this time and started being very active on YouTube, guiding her fans through makeup and skincare and everything in between.

Arij and Ozair welcomed home a baby boy, Isa Ali, on the 13th of May 2020.

A week later Arij posted a video update. In the update, she revealed that her pregnancy journey was very difficult.

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She added that since she doesn’t have a sister or any other super close female she’s never really known how hard this journey can be and was totally surprised when she found out about it by going through it herself.

This is a reality of many women across Pakistan. Whether it’s the taboo of “don’t talk about this stuff” or simply the fact that they didn’t see anyone pregnant around them that they were close to and end up totally oblivious about all the struggles that come with it.

Arij has decided that she’ll play her part in this and try to educate the women in her audience. She’s announced that she’ll be starting a series of videos where she chronicles her journey and the problems that she had so if anything similar happens to another woman, they’ll know what to do.

This is amazing! Her videos could help so many women that would usually not have asked or even thought about the difficulties that come with pregnancy.

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