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Atiqa Odho’s DMs flooded with marriage proposals after “Pyar ke sadqay” aired


Atiqa Odho is a name that has been well-known across a few generations now. She made her acting debut in the early 90’s and has been winning everyone’s hearts with her performances ever since.

In 2004 she started her own cosmetics brand “Odho cosmetics”. She was one of the first celebrities in Pakistan to have her own brand and Odho cosmetics is still going strong today.

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In an industry where looks are everything, it’s common for new and young actresses to get all the praise in Pakistan. Here, the common way of thinking is that “young, fair, thin actresses will succeed no matter what – talented or not”. Atiqa smashes this myth every year.

At over 50 years old right now, Atiqa stars in HUM TV’s “Pyaar ke sadqay

She plays “Mansura” a mother that has married a younger man while she parents 2 adults from her previous marriage. Usually, the characters of mothers are forgettable in Pakistani dramas but Mansura has found a special place in everyone’s hearts.

So much so that she’s received countless DM’s and Inboxes asking for her own hand in marriage by crazed fans.

In a recent interview, Atiqa said:

“My DMs are full of people proposing me. It’s flattering that people still follow me as a celebrity, as a woman, whatever you call it. It’s flattering that even now, people are sending me proposals”

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When she was asked if she had ever considered anyone, she replied:

“No no, I’m very happily married”

She said that she’s glad she’s married to someone mature enough that they get to watch these proposals come in and joke about it.

She added that her husband sees them and says “MashAllah, I’m very lucky (to have you)”

Atiqa Odho has proven that if you’re talented enough, people will continue to admire you and swoon over you when you throughout your career. Being married, having children or even grandchildren won’t change the love your fans have for you.



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