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Faryal Makhdoom bashes the wedding of Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal


Social media in Pakistan blew up when the news of Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari’s wedding broke.

Almost immediately, their union was bashed by hundreds and thousands of hate comments.

The hate poured in so much that both Sadaf and Shehroz had to disable comments on their social media accounts.

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As the day went on, their names were trending on twitter.

Eventually, celebrities started chiming in too. Some said that the hate that was coming their way was uncalled for and should be stopped while others joined in on it.

Faryal Makhdoom, the wife of boxer Amir Khan, took to Instagram to share how she felt about the situation

She started off by saying “wow and yet another house wrecked in Pakistan. Feel sick to my stomach”

Then she took a dig at all the people and media outlets that congratulated the couple by saying “congratulating a pile of 💩- yet there’s a woman hurting with a broken home”

As people asked her why she even spoke about this she replied “couldn’t help but comment, this stuff makes me super emotional”

Then, she takes it one step too far by sharing a meme that said: “Lesson: Dost or Kuttey hamesha nasli rakhein”

Do you think that Faryal shouldn’t have chimed in like she did considering she’s a public figure? Or are you on board with what she said?



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