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Hira Mani discusses the beauty standards of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry


Hira Mani has slowly climbed her way to fame. She’s someone who’s consistently good performances won the hearts of her audiences. Today, there’s hardly anyone in Pakistan who watches TV that doesn’t know her name.

In the international entertainment inudstries, the topic of “unrealistic beauty standards” have been discussed for a while now, with companies trying to branch out and have a lot more inclusion than before.

It makes you think, is Pakistan the same?

In our society, “gora” (white) means beautiful. Most of the models on our billbaords are tall, fair and thin too. The unrealistic standard applies here too.

When Hira Mani was asked in an interview if she thinks the unrealistic beauty standards exist in the Pakistani entertainment industry she said

“No, I think it’s a lot more about confidence. This industry requires confidence”

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“If you have confidence and talent, you can make it. I’ve seen girls who are really tiny make it big too”

“Although there is some truth to a set standard of beauty here too, we don’t even cast darker skinned children in commercials”

“But if you’re an impeccable actor, like Sajal Aly is, you’ll be seen”

Here she adds that “Sajal is gorgeous but she’s not like Mahira khan, I (Hira Mani) am not either, no one is, everyone is beautiful individually”

“To make it here you can only rely on your work. If your work is good enough and connects with people, you’ll be successful”

Hira also mentioned how after the birth of her child she was 72 KGs heavy. Yet, she still felt like she looked beautiful.

Do you agree with her statement? Do looks ultimately not matter in the Pakistani entertainment industry? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch the full clip here:

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