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Meera Jee has written a story called “Quarantine Days” based on her real life experiences


Meera Jee made waves on social media when she got trapped in New York while the coronavius COVID-19 was destroying the country.

She had to appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to do something and help her get out of America. She said she wanted to “die in her own country”

After a few weeks of the appeal, she was finally able to return to Pakistan. But she says that she’s come back a “changed woman”

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She chronicled her experience saying she went to America for a dance performance but all of a sudden things went from bad to worse “dekhtey he dekhtey sab badal gaya”

Meera added that she saw a lot of hardship. Seeing funerals go by all the time from every street really shook her. When she had no one she found solace in religion and felt like God was really close to her.

She ended up testing negative for COVID-19 but the experience made her realise how death can be right around the corner at any time.

After returning to Pakistan she says she fell into a “sajda” immediately.

Even during the interveiw she reached down and touched the dirt saying “Yeh mitti hai, bus issi mitti mein jaana hai”

Meera says that she has already got herself a plot in a nearby graveyard and wishes to be buried there.

A lot of people who saw this interveiw said that they felt like Meera was just acting. That she’s being disingenuous and just trying to get into the news again.

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Watch the full interveiw here:

What do you think? Is it too hard to believe that this experience was like a spiritual awakening for Meera? Do you think this is all a drama too? Let us know in the comments below!



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