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Muneeb Butt against airing Turkish Dramas. Says “They’ll kill our own industry”


Muneeb Butt is a relatively new name in the Pakistani entertainment industry. He made is debut only 8 years ago when he starred in several TV shows in 2012 and has easily become one of the most loved male actors we have right now.

He’s one of the only actors in Pakistan that have explored the roles of the protagonist and antagonist almost equally and has received immense amount of love for both.

He married fellow actress Aiman Khan in 2018 and the two now have a daughter together.

Recently, Pakistan has gone back to airing Turkish dramas dubbed in Urdu. With “Ertugrul” breaking records across Pakistan, these imported shows have become a cause for concern for people working for local TV in Pakistan.

Muneeb Butt explained that he too is against the airing of these shows.

He said “When we import these shows it’s after they’ve finished airing abroad so buying them is very cheap for producers. When these shows do impeccably well on local channels it encourages the producers to keep bringing more in. This would end up in fewer dramas being made locally, killing the jobs of people who work behind the scenes such as technicians that work in lighting, sound, camera etc and us too who work in front of the camera”

He added “I’m not saying we should ban them or do anything extreme like that but there needs to be a balance, we need to make sure we protect our own industry. We import literally everything, we shouldn’t end up entirely importing content too”

Do you agree with Muneeb’s stance on this? Or do you think that airing foreign content shouldn’t have any limits because it’s bringing in a lot of newer content and creating jobs for voice over artists and editors instead? Let us know in the comments below!



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