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Ayeza Khan talks about why she dresses modestly


Ayeza Khan has easily been one of the biggest names in the past few years. Especially after her character as “Mehwish” in the ARY hit TV show “Merey Pass Tum Ho” she became someone everyone connected to.

As actors gain a following and get more successful, the way they are changes. Some change in the way they are and become more distant or “unattainable” while others only change on the outside.

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With new access to a world of stylists and sponsorships, it’s easy to lose your individuality in the process and become something of a “product of fame”.

With Ayeza Khan, this didn’t happen. She’s still widely loved for being authentic and staying true to who she’s always been. She’s been open about her relationship with her husband and routinely shares things about how it is being a parent – often giving tips that will help members of her following that are parents too.

Things like these have really earned Ayeza Khan a lot of respect over the years.

But another thing that has stayed constant is the way she dresses. When she was new in the industry she always dresses modestly ,whether she wore jeans or shalwar kameez they were always outfits that a regular person could wear too – there was always a relatability about her.

After years of being in the entertainment industry, that hasn’t changed. To this day Ayeza dresses the exact same way.

While she was on a recent interview, she revealed that that’s just what she’s comfortable with. She loves getting dressed up but she has never felt the need to wear more revealing dresses before she was famous and becoming a well-known actress hasn’t changed that.

She also added that even when she does brand sponsorships or photoshoots she lets the team know what she’s comfortable with and makes sure they dress her appropriately.

You can watch the clip here:

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