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Zahid Ahmed talks about being addicted to drugs


Zahid Ahmed has been someone that has impressed everyone in Pakistan through his amazing acting skills. He has a way of really turning into the character he’s playing and makes the dramas or movies he’s in a total treat to watch.

His recent portayal of Sameer in Zahe-Naseeb really won over the whole country. He effortlessly played a role of a man that suffers from a split personality disorder and how he navigates through his life with it. It was something no one had done in the Pakistani TV industry so safe to say, people started idolizing him.

People like Zahid, that are so talented and hard working seem perfect to the average person, like they don’t have any flaws or struggles at all.

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With how outspoken he is, Zahid Ahmed makes sure to let everyone know that that isn’t the case. From being open about plastic surgery and online hate, he’s now talking about another taboo – drug use.

In a recent interview he talked about how he used to smoke “hash” for almost 2 decades.

He asks “why don’t we talk about it? When will we talk about this?”

He goes on to add how his sons are growing up in a world where marijuana and hash are more common than ever. He also breifly discussed how Islamabad even has regular users of crystal meth – even though it’s a very dangerous drug.

Zahid reveals that while he was an active user he “didn’t give a damn about anything.” He says that “when you’re high it’s easy not to care about anything at all” but he’s someone that did the drugs but now is on the other side and has been clean for years.

A lot of people who indulge in smoking marijuana in Pakistan say that “there are no side effects of smoking it”. Zahid says that “even if there aren’t any proven side effects there aren’t any benefits either. When I left drugs I felt a lot of change”

Zahid advises the youth of Pakistan to try to stay away from indulging in drugs and to study up on how harmful they can be physically and mentally.

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Watch the full interview here:



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