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Bridal Dresses: What is trending in Pakistani wedding dresses


If there is anything that perfectly reflects Pakistani culture, they are weddings. The festivities are colorful, fancy, and decorated with the ornaments of Pakistan culture.

However, with being all that, they are also a huge hassle when it comes to preparations. From picking the perfect dress to the food to the décor – there is a lot of blood and sweat that goes into it.

Every bride wants to be an absolute spotlight stealer on her main day. And for that, keeping an eye on the latest trends is a must-must!

We have made it all easy for you! We don’t want you to be scribbling through hundreds of web pages, hence we have collected the best Pakistani wedding dresses and trends at one place.

Choosing the perfect wedding dress can be quite challenging. If we say that it is the most stressful part of the entire event, it surely will not be an exaggeration.

You want to look culturally appropriate, but at the same time, you want to somehow accommodate what is trending as well.

What is trending this year? What are some of the most popular Pakistani wedding dresses and wedding looks this season?

Here, we discuss some of our absolute favorites!

Light beige, no makeup, and heavy jewelry

If there is anything that was revolutionary about this wedding season, it was the beautiful ‘no makeup’ look. It all comes to personal preferences at the end of the day but there is no denial in the fact that light makeup with heavy jewelry and a soft-colored dress does look extremely regal.

If you are a bride-to-be who loves light makeup, now is your chance! You can totally go for a light color outfit with heavy jewelry, giving it a very royal end touch. Also, it will definitely set you apart as everyone needs a break from those repetitive reds every now and then!

Monochrome red – the new normal

Definitely breaking off the contemporary red fashion but still staying in the color family, the monochrome red is trending as well. Red is the most popular color among brides in the subcontinent. However, because we have seen so much of it, coming up with something exclusive can be quite a challenge.

Well, Priyanka Chopra and then Iqra Aziz made it all easy for us. You can totally go for a complete monochrome red. It looks beautiful and for sure, distinct. We have seen brides pair it with heavy gold and silver chokers this season and it totally looks majestic.

The gray, white family

Usually, brides in Pakistan go for more vibrant colors for their main day. But, Ayeza Khan’s MPTH (Meray Pas Tum Ho) look made us think that…okay, whites and grays might look just as good!

And we were not the only ones thinking that. The demand of the dress shot up after the episode aired. The designer of the popular bridal dress Zainab Chothani said that not only has the dress sold out, but people are also constantly calling, inquiring about it, and pre-booking it for their weddings later this year.

Light colored Pakistani bridal dresses are totally trending this year and we hope the trend stays around a little bit longer!

Neon…because, why not?

2020 is definitely all about neon colors. I guess we all agree that we have seen them trending more than ever this year.

Not only for spring, but neon hues have also been trending during the fall too. And let’s be honest, whether it lies in your comfort zone or not, it surely does instantly catch your attention. Then why not grab all the attention on your wedding day?

You can totally be a show-stopper by opting out for a neon-colored dress. It might not be the most popular choice out there, but this precisely will be your strength as well. It is trending, it is beautiful and not everyone can carry it well.

Good chance to be the trend-setter then, maybe?


The very gorgeous Zara Noor Abbas was surely the trend-setter for this one as she picked a beautiful black and gold ensemble for her own wedding (and just accept, her mehndi looks so stunning as well).

She made the headlines for her bold choice. With people (like me precisely) lauded her unique selection, the red dress brigade was quite upset with it.

Nonetheless, I am certain we all agree she looked absolutely stunning! If you feeling a little brave, this can be your jam! The best part about this, however, is that black as a color looks nice on every single skin-tone out there.

You make the trend and look like a little rebel on your main day, with breaking free from the bride-must-wear-red analogy…making it a wedding dress that everyone would remember!

Which one is your favorite? Do you want to hear more from PakistanImage on these topics?
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