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Makeup ideas for brides with brown eyes


Pakistani people are known for going all out on weddings. Everything from decorations to make up has to be vibrant and extra. Otherwise, it won’t be a traditional Pakistani wedding.

Pakistani culture and traditions shine through the most at weddings. And when it comes to makeup, every single lady at the wedding is seen with beautiful glam make up. But the main focus of the wedding is always the bride.

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Pakistani brides always wear very traditional beautiful wedding dresses with bright vibrant colors and stunning embroidery. The embroidery on these dresses is very detailed and heavy.

The brides often go for heavy bridal makeup to compliment the dress. As eyes are one of the most noticeable features on the face. So a lot of emphases is put on the eyes.

Smokey eyes to glittery colorful eye shadows brides tend to experiment with it all. And why wouldn’t they, the wedding is one the most special days in a girl’s life and we all want to stand out and make a statement on our wedding day.

Now brides with brown eyes have a bit of advantage because almost every colour works well with them and they can try out many different things.

Because nothing will clash with their eye color and they can always pair it with pretty pink or nude lipstick. But if you opt for more of a neutral eye shadow look, a dark red lip will look phenomenal.

Here are some ideas for makeup looks for brides with brown eyes:

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