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What’s Trending: Sherwani Styles in Pakistan


Wedding season – in Pakistan, it is pretty much all year round. The traditional big fat weddings are a norm here and more or less, nothing speaks more about desi culture than them.

But whenever you think about ‘Shaadi’, what pops up in your mind first? Pretty much fancy jewelry, lavish food, decorations, and most importantly, glossy and glittering wedding wear.

At least, in Pakistan, most focus in these weddings is on the bride. What she wears, her jewelry selection and her makeup – all of them steal all the spotlight. But this does not mean that our main man on the day should be left out!

On the day of Barat, what a groom wears and how he carries himself is the focal point. Maybe not for as long as the bride’s, *winks*, but it matters. Hence, we have absolutely no space to go wrong with it. As the Shaadi season will be blowing up in full swing after the quarantine period is (hopefully) over, we expect all the grooms-to-be to be looking for the latest Sherwani styles in Pakistan.

And what more can you ask for if you find them in all place. Well, we are all really doing it for you!

Here, we have collected some of the trendiest and timeless Sherwani styles and wedding wear that are quite popular in the former subcontinent region for weddings. They make a statement, are totally a spotlight stealers and ooze out culture and tradition.

All these colors look stunning on every single skin tone and flatter every body shape. Though we personally feel like neon blues have really been stealing the thunder lately, but if you want to stay in your safe zone, we have some amazing neutral colors here for you as well.

So what are you waiting for? Here, pick the one you love the most!

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