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5 Ideal Pets for Apartment Living

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Is your small living space keeping you away from having a pet? Not anymore! These 5 small animals make excellent pets for apartment dwellers. Apartment living is very common in cities as people live in flats and small spaces. Unlike the countryside, they have very limited space and this makes having pets quite a challenging thing. Moreover, many property owners and landlords may not allow tenants to have animals on the premises.

However, if you are all set to get a pet but don’t know which one will be ideal for you then we are here to help. Below, we have listed 5 ideal and top pet choices for the people living in an apartment or a small space.

1.Teacup Dogs

You heard us! Teacup dog breeds are a compact version of your favorite canine. Usually, keeping a dog at home means that you will need to take care of a lot of things. Common sized dogs need ample space to live and move around, they need a lot of food and many of them have special medical needs also.

Teacup dog breeds are small in size and are much easier to keep and maintain. However, make sure that you give your beloved canine high quality food and timely vaccines and checkups to keep up with its health. They may be smaller in size and have lesser needs but, they do have needs that you must take care of.


Unlike dogs, keeping a cat is much easier and simpler. They come in relatively small size, have little exercise needs, and are by nature, solitary beings. All of these traits make them ideal for people living in apartments. Some cat breeds are larger than their usual family members but still, they have half of the needs than a dog.

They are happy to keep their company and perfectly understand your need for private space. They need moderate exercise that they can do indoors as they love to stay indoors on a rainy day or so. However, take care of her dietary and medical needs to keep her healthy.


After dogs and cats, rabbits are the third most loved pets. These fluffy beings have a personality of their own. Like cats and dogs, rabbits also come in different breeds and all of them are equally adorable. What makes them ideal as an apartment pet? They are small in size and do not need much space to live. All you will need is a spacious carrier, fresh hay, and grass, and you’re done.

Rabbits have different veterinary needs and you will have to find a doctor that specializes in treating rabbits. They will need vaccines and two rabbits will be happier than one. However, have them spayed if you do not want a house full of bunny babies.

4.Fish and Turtles

Want to have a pet that doesn’t make any noise? How about a bowl of fish or turtles? Marine household animals like fish and turtles are easy to keep, economical in terms of space and expenses, and easy to look after. You can have either of these or both to have a lively aquarium. Turtle and fish food is very cheap and a packet will last you for weeks.

Moreover, you will not have to make any special spacing arrangements for them. Water is known to have a soothing effect and watching your fish and turtle swimming will have a replacing effect on you. But to keep them healthy, you will have to clean the fish bowl aquarium regularly. Since these marine habitats are sensitive, clean water is important for their survival.


Birds could be a beautiful and cheerful addition to your apartment. Since they are small in size, most of them are, they are easy to accommodate and keep. All you will need is a spacious cage, bowls for food and water, and a little space on your balcony. You can either have a pair or more of these melodious creatures. With birds, you will have a wide variety to choose from. However, they could be noisy.

To keep them in good health, clean the cage and their food and water bowls regularly. Usually, birds are healthy and do not need special medical attention but do keep an eye on them to be sure of their health. For their food, a single pack will be enough to keep for weeks on.

Having pets at home do us good in many ways. They have proven health benefits as they provide therapeutic effects on our nerves. Moreover, a pet cat, dog, rabbit or birds is great to keep company if you’re living alone.



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