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5 Contactless Eid gift ideas for your Friends and Family


With the lockdown in full effect and social distancing as the new norm, things have really changed around here.

Eid used to be all about get-togethers, but now even that has reduced to video calls – nothing seems fun anymore.

But can we just stop you there for a moment? You can’t visit your favorite people, but that doesn’t mean you deprive them of their Eidi.

Here are 5 contactless Eid gift ideas, so you can still make your loved ones’ Eid fun and exciting.

Get them their favorite show!

These days, all everyone has is time on their hands, but not much to do with that. Therefore, Netflix is the best way to express your love and kill your dearest’s boredom.

You can always customize their gift by adding a list of Netflix recommendations for them, so they don’t have to spend hours deciding what to watch.


Caricatures are cute and thoughtful! The kind of effort that goes into a gift like this always makes the other person feel special.

This digital gift will brighten up their day! Just surprise them by sending it straight to their mailbox. It will definitely bring a smile on their face.

E-card and Cake

Quarantine doesn’t mean you still cannot express! You can send a cake at their doorstep and opt for a contact-less delivery!

You can accompany your wish with a beautiful E-card. This will make their entire eid special.

Help someone for them!

Eid is all about coming together and expressing love. Considering the current situation, what sounds better than to donate in your loved one’s name.

They’ll only appreciate the gesture and you might end up making day 1 of their Eid beautiful.

Learn a skill: Makeup!

With everything accessible online, it’s so much easier to try different things.

If your friend or family member loves makeup or binge-watches makeup influencers for hours on YouTube, you know how happy Bina Khan’s makeup class will make them.

To spice it up a bit, you can also add a cute lipstick to the gift and get it delivered straight at their home!

An online class – culinary or fitness!

While makeup may satisfy the females in your list, males would be looking for something completely different. You can always sign the men for a virtual fitness class like Studio X.

This way you rid them of ditching-their-gym-routine stress and help them keep that adrenaline pumping.

For all the foodies, a chance to get involved with the best chefs would be an opportunity of a lifetime.

You can help them avail this chance by signing them up for Rouxbe. The delicious food they end up making would not only make them happy but their families too – clever decision making right there!

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