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Kiran Ashfaque on how she lost 30 KGs after having a baby


Kiran Ashfaque is a Pakistani-Malaysian Actress and Model who married Pakistani Actor Imran Ashraf in 2018.

Their wedding came as a suprise to most but everyone was thrilled when they heard about it. The couple surprised people again when they announced the birth of their son Roham Imran over Instagram in 2019.

All moms gain weight when they have a baby. They’ve literally created life using their own body! Kiran did too. She weighed over 80 Kgs post birth!

Losing weight after pregnancy is not an easy thing to do. A mothers body takes 9 months to create a baby and goes through intense trauma to give birth. Yet, there’s a lot of pressure for moms to get back into shape immediately.

Kiran Ashfaque is a c-section mom. Meaning the trauma of birth on her body hit even worse. She waited the recommended 6 months and rested before she did anything to lose weight.

And soon after, she shocked everyone with her transformation!

All she did was follow a simple diet plan.

This diet plan included lots and lots of water. Water is your best friend. Even today, Kiran drinks at least 2 litres of water every day. She credits water for her hair and skin health too!


Before eating anything she’d drink 2 Glasses of water.

Then she’d take 2 boiled eggs with some brown bread with a mug of green tea.


As a snack she’d either have diet biscuits, a banana or simply 2 dates.


She had a salad for lunch every single day

In the evenings she’d have an apple and green tea or have fresh orange juice.


For dinner she’d switch it up, she’d either have Oatmeal, a chicken breast or Tikkas.

As she had a small baby to take care of, if she ever felt weak she’d start drinking a mug of skimmed milk before bed.

By following this diet religiously for a 4 months, Kiran was able to drop a whopping 30 Kgs!

The best part about this diet that it doesn’t require you to starve. You’re still eating 3 meals a day and having snacks and juices!

Would you try this out? Let us know in the comments below!



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