Google reveals Pakistan’s top online consumer trends in 2020

Google trend Pakistan

This report is based on the latest Google report on Pakistan’s search behavior and latest trends for consumers and industry.

Internet has been a part of our lives since past many decades however, the rise in its role as sole entertainment provider during this pandemic is undeniable. Human lives have turned around due to the Corona virus pandemic in every possible way. From closure of schools, traveling, sports grounds, restaurants, cinemas and even corporations to work from home and increased awareness of health and fitness has changed how we ‘Do’ things.

From marketing point of view, the explosion in internet use has provided a new avenue of source of information regarding consumers and in turn can help businesses in adapting to this new lifestyle and provide more wanted services. For Pakistan, although this change has been economically devastating to a certain level yet it has increased consumer sophistication in many ways which can be capitalized by businesses and entrepreneurs.

Google latest report highlights the changing online trends in Pakistan including both consumers and businesses. The details of the report are very interesting giving an insight into how Pakistanis search and what they search for on internet.

Top Online Trends in Consumers of Pakistan

Increased Sophistication in e-commerce

The report revealed that size of e-commerce in Pakistan has raised to over $1 billion. With the increasing size, consumer sophistication has greatly increased too as now consumers dig deep for product research and quality before purchase.

Subsequently there has been a major increase in searches for nearby options (138% increase) and same day delivery (1.5 x). The increased awareness about quality of products is obvious in rise in searches for ‘best’ products in each category. This include searches for best phones, best games, best serums, nearby groceries, same day delivery groceries, fast deliveries.

Created by Pakistan Image. Source: Google Trends 2020

Growing awareness regarding environment

Another positive development is increased awareness among Pakistani consumers regarding significance of environment and factors affecting it. The seasons of smog in Punjab, natural disasters and continuous efforts of government in terms of ban on plastic bags and billion tree tsunami initiatives, have increased consumer awareness regarding sustainability and environment friendly products. Google revealed the trends in online research of Pakistanis which reveals this behavior.

Created by Pakistan Image. Source: Google Trends 2020

Video-sharing, streaming and Online meetings – A Thriving Landscape

There is a sharp rise in number of Pakistanis who are now using internet for information, entertainment, news and cricket. The subscription to video-sharing and streaming platforms has increased with Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, TikTok and many others enjoying high influx of consumers from Pakistan.

There is also a growing number of YouTubers and TikTok stars emerging in Pakistan with more viewership of comedy series by individuals on online platforms. The incentives by mobile companies for data and increased use of smartphones is also a major factor behind this online boom. The demand for high speed internet and smart phones will continue to build up and will demand improvement in mobile ecosystem of Pakistan.

Created by Pakistan Image. Source: Google Trends 2020

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YouTube has gained millions of viewers from Pakistan as they search for videos regarding dramas, movies, TV shows, cricket, cooking, physical fitness and workouts and health related videos. More than 73% of mobile and internet users in Pakistan connect to YouTube every month while for 78% it is the first choice for videos.

Health and Fitness Awareness remains in top searches in Pakistan

There is a visible rise in awareness among internet users regarding healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The pandemic of corona virus has further increased the importance of overall well-being for developing immunity. Google report highlights that Euro-monitor ranks Pakistan as second-fastest growing vegetarian country in the world.

With increased searches for new diet plans and micro and macro nutrients of food items, there is also increased trend towards searching for exercise regimes and meditation videos.

Created by Pakistan Image. Source: Google Trends 2020

The home bound consumers these days have adjusted their lifestyle based on their needs and changed priorities and therefore, the business community, entrepreneurs and marketers now have a new opportunity to adjust their products, services and communication based on these statistics.


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