Taleem Ghar – Punjab Government turn Homes into Schools

Taleem Ghar

In an impressive and unprecedented move, Punjab Government in collaboration with School Education Department (SEC) and Punjab IT Board (PITB) launched virtual school ‘Taleem Ghar’ for students across Punjab on 1st April. The launch of Taleem Ghar even preceded Federal Government’s recently launched initiative of ‘TeleSchools’.

Since spread of coronavirus, punjab government has imposed partial lockdown across the Punjab province. The Public and Private schools in Pakistan are closed under partial lockdown since last month. Most of the private schools have started online classes for their students using various programs like Zoom and Google Hangouts. However, students from public school are stuck at home without education, due to the limited capacity of government schools.

Main access points of Taleem Ghar

The projects aims at providing education on similar pattern as schools to public schools’ homebound students from Grade 1 to 8. Punjab government has made the project available locally through engaging media online lessons and four main access points

  • Taleem Ghar Cable TV Teaching Program
  • Smart app for Lectures and Notes
  • Website
  • YouTube channel for previous Lectures

Taleem Ghar promotes Equal Education for all

Taleem Ghar is designed for both public school students and out of school children. The public schools in Pakistan lack expertise, infrastructure and budgets to hold online classes unlike private schools. Taleem Ghar provides easily accessible classes from 9 am to 2 pm on local cable all over Punjab. Moreover, repeat schedules, extra notes and lectures are available online and on apps. The project also posts daily updates on schedules and revision works on website and apps to communicate with the children like normal schools.

Taleem Ghar YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel for Taleem Ghar is an excellent source of revising lessons for students. The lectures are updated daily on the channel for easy access by students. Check the Taleem Ghar YouTube Channel here which has approx 12k subscribers

Initial lectures in Taleem Ghar are focused on general subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Urdu and Islamiat. The SED is preparing to add more subjects as the program progresses.

Taleem Ghar Android App

Taleem Ghar has an app as well that the app can be downloaded. School Information System App is used by Public Schools of Punjab, Pakistan, to self-report data in real-time. To use this app, all schools must first be registered with the School Education Department. When you download the app, on the main screen, you will see Taleem Ghar logo in green color, please click on it and you will be directed to the next screen where you will see all the grades for which lectures are available.

Taleem Ghar has lectures from Grade 1 till Grade 8 and in subjects of Maths, General Knowledge and Science. All the lectures are available in video format on YouTube Channel of Taleem Ghar.

Check out the screen shots from Taleem Ghar app below. The app is downloaded 500k+ times from Android Store.

Taleem Ghar App is only available on Google Play Store.

Taleem Ghar – A silver lining in this pandemic

Change is an intimidating concept for people in Pakistan and the masses have generally resisted it in past. This resistance to change has failed Pakistan in many ways and most of all human development. The education sector of Pakistan is one of the most neglected sectors in the country. This negligence has far greater impact on our growth than any other aspect of economy.

The PTI-led government came into power with a very clear stance on education. The government has been working on its agendas for ‘education for all’ and ‘one curriculum’ for Pakistan. Nothing could give government such leap into innovation as these unfortunate conditions under COVID-19 have. It is known that ‘Necessity is the mother Invention’ and Punjab Government has taken the lead in this aspect. Like many other innovations and initiatives under the current circumstances, Punjab Government has turned this crisis into an opportunity for the underprivileged masses.

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Virtual Schools – A tool to increase Literacy and Innovation in Pakistan

The initiative of virtual schools is a breakthrough in education system of Pakistan. On government scale, the virtual schools can be used for a variety of initiatives that are much needed for Pakistan’s growth. Adult Literacy, STEM education and Tele-medicine are some of the divisions that can be added to virtual education. The virtual schools can also target over 20 million out-of-school children in Pakistan. Under the National Digital Policy of Pakistan, steps can be taken on national scale to digitize all needed sectors and education sector can be one of them.

Educators should play their part in innovation of Taleem Ghar

Punjab Government’s Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU) and PBIT are constantly seeking suggestions from the educators for any improvement in the program as it is first of its kind in Pakistan. Educators and other relevant bodies can provide their suggestion on the website of Taleem Ghar and become part of this national venture. Check out the Tweet of Dr Murad, whose education Minister of Punjab



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