5 Million Masks! 200 Retailers in Pakistan join hands to ‘CAP THE CURVE’

Masks for All Pakistan

Chain store Association of Pakistan (CAP) in collaboration with Zaman Foundation pledged to make and distribute 5 million masks for Pakistanis in an effort to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Federal government on 9th May announced step wise ease in lockdown. The decision was taken during the meeting of Security Council including finance ministry, security officials and other ministers. PM emphasized again that due to uncertainty in timeline for vaccine development and economic crisis faced by more than half population, lockdown has to be removed in phases in Pakistan.

200 Largest retailers to Manufacture and Market Free Masks

Chain store Association of Pakistan (CAP) represent over 200 retail designers and operate over 20,000 outlets. CAP has the largest garment capacity in Pakistan and during this idle time under lockdown and low demand, decided to step up and contribute towards health segment of Pakistan. Following the global trend #MasksforAll, CAP along with Zaman Foundation has started an initiative to use its marketing and manufacturing resources for educating the masses regarding coronavirus and how using mask can stand in way of big catastrophe.

The collaboration between CAP and Zaman Group is carried out under social project ‘Sab Saath’. The project will not only distribute free masks but will also run ads and other campaign on TV and internet to create awareness regarding significance of masks. The project came at the most needed hour when government has already lifted lockdown and markets are flooded with masses without any protective gear. Although the provincial governments have issued SOPs for general public, TV campaigns are expected to have more profound impact on general mentality of public towards the gravity of situation.

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Big Brands Associated with Sab Saath and CAP

The initiative under Sab Saath has picked up quickly soon after its launch and the initiative has already raised more than Rs. 8 crore. The project is also distributing meals for poor families, PPEs for health workers and front line forces like police, and security guards and cash for needy families. Several brands like Stylo, Qarshi, Ali Zafar Foundation, Shahnameh, Leisure Club, HUB Leather, Kayseria, BTW, InSignia, and many others have partnered with the project. Moreover, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has also pledged their financial and official support in broadcasting the marketing campaigns under the initiative.

#Masks4All Campaign Reduced Global Covid-19 Cases

As global economies are gradually moving towards easing lock downs and people are expected to return to normal life with precautions, countries like Czech Republic started an initiative #Masks4All. The campaign aimed at encouraging compulsory use of masks at all times which is found to reduce risk of catching coronavirus by 69%. Within days, everyone in Japan, Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Singapore was found wearing masks when outside. This has successfully flattened the infection curve in these countries and daily cases have reduced significantly since past two weeks.

The massive scale of Sab Saath project with 5 million reusable masks distribution can be extended to further provide more masks for remaining public. With ease in lockdown and public’s disregard for SOPs, such initiative can contribute significantly towards reducing the horrific rise number of Covid-19 cases in Pakistan.

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