Dawn Likes Tweet Wishing Death to Imran Khan by Corona


Dawn News has lately become famous for getting itself sucked into various crises. One of the most famous scandals of this country was dubbed after it i.e. Dawn Leaks. It’s reputation was seriously questioned due to that scandal as it was dubbed anti Pakistan.

Dawn has now created another storm, at least on the twitter. Apparently, Dawn is conducting a survey where it asked a rather stupid question that:

“PM Imran Khan met with Faisal Edhi last week. With Edhi testing positive for Coronavirus today, do you think the PM should also get tested?”

Now the readers were expected to answer with a “Yes” or “No”. I wonder how can a mainstream media house conduct such survey in first place where it ask a rather bizarre question. Do you ask a person to get a test for Corona if he has come into contact with someone who has already tested positive? Is this the new standard of our journalism?

If that was not enough, some reader from India made a rather abusive comment on the above question in his tweet

” I guess not.. its the best way to get rid of him”

If that was not enough, Dawn News showed the audacity of “Liking” the above tweet as well. You can see the same in the pictures below as pointed out by twitter user Sameena E. Check her tweet below:

The full size pictures of the above tweet are shared below:

The above tweets erupted twitter fans of Prime Minister Imran Khan and it became a twitter trend with hashtag #BanDawnNews. Dawn News did apologize and called it an unintended human error and blamed technology for it. Poor Software couldn’t tweet to defend themselves.

Dear readers, due to an unintended human error, a like was placed by this account on an offensive tweet. This is a rare happening caused by using multiple software/logins. We sincerely apologise and will work to ensure this is not repeated. From Editor, http://Dawn.com

Let’s hope Dawn places some restrictions on its software and reduce such “Human Errors” as lately Dawn softwares are becoming a bit biased against PM Imran Khan and PTI

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Update: PM Imran Khan tested Negative for CoronaVirus

The test for Coronavirus was conducted yesterday and today the test results are received and our Prime Minister Imran Khan tested negative. The tests were conducted by Medical experts from the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital.

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