This fruit vendor provided free water bottles to rescue workers of PIA plane crash for three days


Khalid Hussain, a fruit vendor from Karachi, is being hailed as a hero after he provided cold water to rescue workers of the ill-fated plane of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

As per details, Khalid Hussain shut down his small fruit shop to provide mineral water to the rescue workers in the sweltering heat. He was there for the rescue workers for three days and bought the water with his own money.

A picture of him with a bunch of water bottles has been widely shared on social media. People have been paying tribute to him for his heroic efforts.

Here’s How He is Being Hailed On Social media:

On May 22, a Karachi bound Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303 crashed in densely populated area of the provincial capital with 99 people on board. Only 2 passengers survived the crashed.


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