Imran Khan reserves PM Covid-19 Fund for Jobless

PM Covid-19 Fund

In a bid to make transparent utilization of PM Covid-19 Fund, Prime Minister Imran Khan officially launched Emergency Cash Disbursement for people who recently lost job to the pandemic. The launch of new Emergency Cash Programme was set up at Pakistan Sports Complex where recently unemployed individuals received Rs. 12000 stimuli from the PM. The Prime Minister personally met unemployed individuals and inquired about their financial situation. PM’s Special Assistant on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Sania Nishtar, and Minister for Industries and Production, Hammad Azhar were also present at the launch.

Ehsaas Telethon and PM Covid-19 Fund

During third week of April, Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared on several forums and live TV programs for Ehsaas Telethon. Taking pride in Pakistan as one of the most generous nation, PM Imran Khan appealed to public for funds to cater to the crisis of Covid-19. PM raised more than Rs. 550 million in three hours. The total count for PM Covid-19 Fund has now reached more than Rs. 3 billion.

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Imran Khan Ensures Transparency in Utilization of Covid-19 Fund

As Covid-19 cases in Pakistan rise beyond 42,000, there was a growing concern and criticism on government for lacking transparency in utilization of global and local aid. The federal government rolled out one of the most extensive and effective cash programme in history of Pakistan, the Ehsaas Programme which benefited more than 7 million affected families.

However, to utilize the Covid-19 Fund in a more transparent method, PM Imran Khan initiated another drive to enroll individuals who have recently lost work due to this pandemic and who do not come under category of Ehsaas Program. The idea was to clarify where funds were utilized instead of vague distribution. For this purpose, PM Imran Khan launched a web portal on 2nd May for jobless individuals to register and receive stimuli of Rs. 12,000 through Ehsaas Emergency Cash.

On occasion of launch, PM Imran Khan asserted, “There has been little transparency and trackability in the use of donor funds in the past. Pakistanis are the most giving nation. Their generosity is legendary. I want to give them the confidence that we will be fully transparent with the use of all donor funds we receive”. There is a strict scrutiny of applicants and only deserving individuals will receive the cash disbursement. So far, 3.4 million applications have been received through Ehsaas Labor Portal. Dr. Sania Nishtar clarified that under instructions of the PM every detail about disbursement and withdrawals from the fund will be made public.

This disbursement through Covid-19 fund is in addition to the Rs. 75 billion approved by Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) last week for recently unemployed laborers through Ehsaas Programme.

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