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Pakistan build 1000 Bed Quarantine Center in Lahore Expo Center


We have all seen the widely circulated videos and pictures on the world media as to how China constructed 1000 bed quarantine center in January 2020 in Wuhan, China in record 10 days. It was projected like a feat that no other nation can match. Now fast forward to March, 2020 and Usman Buzdar led Punjab Government did something much more amazing by building 1000 bed quarantine center in Lahore Expo Center in record 9 days. However, our media didn’t cover this news in the way it rightfully deserves.

Lahore Expo Center is located in Johar Town and is a massive structure. In normal days, it hosts various exhibitions and trade shows to promote Pakistani products. Look at below picture of an exhibition hosted in Expo Center Lahore.

Expo Center Lahore

When the Coronavirus hit Pakistan, Punjab Government chose this location to convert it into 1000 Bed Quarantine Center for Coronavirus infected patients in Lahore. Its central location makes it an ideal place for such activity. Check out the pictures of the same Expo Center after being converted into 1000 Bed Quarantine Center.

Pics & Videos of Lahore Expo 1000 Bed Quarantine Center

Prime Minister Imran Khan also visited the center during his visit to Lahore on 4th April 2020.

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