Shahid Afridi Buys Mushfiqur Rahim’s Bat For $20,000 For Covid-19 Relief


Shahid Afridi is a superstar both on and off the field. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened in Pakistan, we have seen how he has reached out to poor people in every corner of the country.

His foundation, Shahid Afridi Foundation, is working hard to provide free ration to the underprivileged people. Not just in Pakistan, the former captain is also helping out the people of Bangladesh.

As we all know, sportsmen around the globe are auctioning their memorabilia to help raise funds for the needy people. Similarly, Bangladesh’s Mushfiqur Rahim also put his bat up for auction.

After suspending the auction because of fraud bidders, Shahid Afridi reached out to him on behalf of his foundation to buy the bat.

“We had to suspend the auction due to some fraud bidders, which was unexpected. Shahid bhai personally contacted me after seeing the news (of my bat put on auction). He sent an offer letter on May 13 that he was interested to buy for USD 20,000, which is almost BDT 16.8 lakh,” Rahim was quoted as saying by ESPNCricinfo.

Later, Mushfiqur Rahim posted a video of Shahid Afridi on his Twitter and thanked Lala for his support.

“The work you are doing is great. Only real-life heroes do this. We are going through a tough phase in such times we need the love and support of each other. I want to buy your bat on behalf of all of Pakistan. Our prayers are with you. Hopefully, we will again meet on the cricket ground once this is over,” Afridi said in the video.

Watch The Video Here :


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