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Tele-medicine in Pakistan: Chughtai Lab starts Free Online Medical Consultation

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Chughtai Lab under Chughtai Medical Center services, launched free online medical consultation in Pakistan. The tele-medicine service by Chughtai medical center is available for all Pakistanis, online and free, from 10 am to 10 pm. A smart lockdown has being enforced across the country by Federal and provincial governments with exception of few sectors including hospitals.

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However, most of the hospitals still have either their OPDs closed or doctors are unavailable in fear of the coronavirus. In order to facilitate patients at homes, specifically the ones with underlying health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Chughtai lab is now offering free consultation for all Pakistanis in several areas from specialists in various fields.

Telemedicine is critical in Pakistan amid Covid-19 outbreak

The concept of Tele-medicine in Pakistan is rapidly gaining popularity with Federal government taking first step in launching Tele-medicine helplines for people suffering from any symptoms related to coronavirus. The Corona Crisis and Management Cell (CCMC) launched several mobile number and toll-free number for public to call from homes regarding any symptoms related to coronavirus. Similarly, Punjab government launched around 10 corona tele-medicine helplines which has already been reached by half a million population in province.

However, people in Pakistan are facing extreme difficult due to closure of OPDs and unavailability of doctors in case of other health related concerns. Several medical universities and associations are now stepping up with Tele-medicine services in this regard. Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), People’s Doctors Forum (PDF) and Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU) have started online medical services with a reasonable number of doctors on board.

Chughtai Lab Telemedicine goes Online with more than 30 Specialists  

The telemedicine service launched by Chughtai Lab offers services of over 30 specialists in fields of Child Specialist, ENT specialist, Gynecologist, Urologist, General Physician, Psychologists and Medical Officers. Moreover, other specialists listed with Chughtai Medical Center can also be contacted for free consultation by taking appointment online.

Chughtai Lab already offers a large range of home tests with free sample delivery. The lab has been authorized by Federal and Punjab Government to provide testing on suspected patients of coronavirus as well. Moreover, the Chughtai medical center offers home services for X-rays, Dexa Scans and vaccinations as well. The Tele-medicine by Chughtai Lab offers a completed home care solution for Pakistani people who are home-bound under the lockdown.



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