‘The Runaways’ Novel by Fatima Bhutto now available


Fatima Bhutto got her fame in part from her last name as the true successor of the Bhutto clan and rest of it came from her passion for writing. Fatima Bhutto graduated from Columbia University in Middle Eastern and Asian language and cultures. Later she did her MA from University of London in South Asian studies.

The Runaways by Fatima Bhutto

In a tweet today on her official twitter account, Fatima Bhutto announced the availability of her novel “The Runaways”. See below what Fatima Bhutto has to say:

The synopsis of the book as available on the Waterstone site shares the following:

On the cusp of adulthood, three young people are about to make the most momentous decision of their lives. Anita lives in Karachi’s slums – fearful that her fate is to serve the rich, until an elderly neighbour offers her an escape into another world . . . Monty belongs to Karachi’s elite – his future is mapped out, until he meets a beautiful, rebellious girl . . . Sunny is a Portsmouth teenager – he is suffocated by the love and expectation of his father, until his charismatic cousin shows him a way to be his own man . . . These three paths are about to collide. And when they do, Anita, Monty and Sunny will find themselves at the mercy of powers beyond their control, and faced with a choice that will change them forever.

The Runaways has got extensive media reviews which can be read on The Waterstone site where you can also order your copy.


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