Yaran-e-Watan calls Overseas Pakistani Doctors to serve Pakistan


To augment the efforts of Federal and Provincial governments and Health Ministry in battling Covid-19, PM Imran Khan introduced Yaran-e-Watan initiative. The online platform is designed to invite overseas Pakistani healthcare professionals and connect them with medical community in Pakistan to share expertise related to Covid-19. The platform of Yaran-e-Watan is a great initiative and offers golden opportunity for over 30,000 Pakistani doctors abroad to serve their home country in this crisis.  

Yaran-e-Watan calls Pakistani Diaspora for support

Yaran-e-Watan is a Pakistani Diaspora initiative which uses innovative and advance solutions for preventing and tackling the spread of coronavirus in Pakistan. Pakistan is included in the list of 57 countries recognized by WHO as having critical health force deficiency. The ratio of Pakistanis lacking basic healthcare facilities is 4 out of 10. Pakistan needs at least 40 lac more doctors and 16 lac more nurses to cater to current population.

The overseas ministry of Pakistanis recognize this gap in available healthcare facilities and thus, created the online platform with help from WHO, International Migration Organization and National Information Board of technology. The online platform of Yaran-e-Watan (Friends of the country) is a joint effort of Ministry of National Health Sciences and National IT Board of Pakistan. There are around 30,000 Pakistani trained doctors who work abroad. Dr. Zafar Mirza, PM’s special assistant on Health confirmed that Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA) and Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons UK (APPS) are already working with Ministry of Health on this battle against Covid-19.  

Main features of Yaran-e-Watan

There are three main aims of Yaran-e-Watan: Telemedicine, Tele-training and Research. The overseas Pakistani doctors can collaborate with Pakistani doctors and telemedicine companies regarding professional and scientific responses to concerns around Covid-19. The platform also includes online consultations from overseas Pakistani doctors to analyze the Covid-19 patients who need care at home and who need hospitalization. The initiative is a step forward towards the use of Telemedicine in Pakistan as propagated by Federal government since outbreak of Covid-19.

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The Tele-training sessions will include webinars and online training sessions between local and overseas health professionals regarding new evidence and research on Covid-19. The overseas doctors can share information and collaborate with health department of Pakistan for any new techniques and methods to achieve improved results in Covid-19 patients.

The initiative of Yaran-e-Watan is an excellent initiative to bridge the gap of health care professionals in Pakistan in this critical time by calling support from overseas doctors and professionals.

How to Get Registered for Yaran e Watan Pakistan Program

You can register for YaraneWatan Program Official program by clicking here

You can also check Official Website of Yaran-e-Watan here


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