10 Best DC Inventor ACs to buy in Pakistan 2020

Inverter ACs in Pakistan

With temperature in major cities of Pakistan crossing 45℃ and Monsoon on its way, the surge in electricity bills is imminent. The use of inverter ACs in past few years has double fold due to increasing awareness regarding its cost related benefits. Selecting best inverter AC depends on factors like energy-saving function, durability, updated features like various modes, Wi-Fi control, and clean energy factor.  

People who are often bent on buying DC inverters, end up buying standard ACs when they see difference in costs as standard ACs are cheaper. However, one should know the difference between DC inverters and regular ACs to make wise decision in light of various factors.

What is a DC inverter and Why you should opt for one?

The Inverter technology known as DC works on latest technology that manages speed of compressor motor. In a standard AC, the system uses air of the internal room and cools it by moving cool air through evaporator and then back in the room. This requires compressor to continuously work using full electric power.

DC inverter on the other hand, constantly keeps the compressor on, running on lower capacity. The compressor uses more capacity and only necessary electricity when temperature in room falls below desired level. By using only partial capacity of compressors, DC inverters save more than 40-50% electricity use and thus, result in reduced bills.

One significant tip for consumers of Inverters is that inverters save energy in real terms when it is used for longer hours. Instead of turning it off and on like standard ACs, DC Inverters work more efficiently for consumers who have longer hour usage of air conditioners.

List of Best DC Inverters in Pakistan

We have created a list of 10 best selling DC Inverters in Pakistan based on their durability, efficiency in terms of energy saving and cost and brand reliability.

1. Gree GS-12CITH – 1 Ton – Price Rs. 66,000

While considered expensive by majority, Gree air conditioners and now DC inverters are extremely reliable and efficient. With warranty of 3 years, this model of Gree is a 1-ton Inverter with 12000 BTUs. The inverter has both heating and cooling system for both seasons. It has super-fast cooling feature and is ideal for rooms up to 150 sq ft in size.

2. Orient Ultron e-Comfort/ Smart Edition – 1 Ton – Price 60,000

With a smart and sleek design, the Ultron e-comfort series of Orient Inverters area massive hit in terms of sales and quality. The inverter has Gold Fin Evaporator and Condenser with 4D Air throw. Having both heating and cooling systems, Orient Ultron has a R410 Eco Friendly Refrigerant. The main feature of Orient Ultron is its e-Comfort features which include built-in energy meter, online control, Schedule management, Google assistance and Plug & Play. The product has 1-year warranty with local service centers.

3. Changhong Ruba CSDC-12BAH – 1 Ton – Rs. 55,000

Changhong Ruba is one of emerging brands in Pakistan which has established a great repute over time with its quality products. One of the greatest aspects of Changhong Ruba is its low price with quality products. The 1-Ton inverter offers cooling feature with high energy saving up to 60%. The inverter is a simple model by Changhong Ruba with 3 years compressor warranty. The body is made with 100% Copper Connecting Pipes to avoid rusting.

4. Orient Ultron Bold 18G Gold Fin DC Inverter – 1.5 Ton – Price 77,500

Like other Orient new models, Orient Ultron Bold 18G has Gold Fin Evaporator and Condenser. The Inverter comes with 3 years compressor and 1-year parts warranty and has both cooling and heating systems. Orient Ultron bold has built-in Wi-Fi and runs on low voltage operation. Orient Ultron Bold 18G is a highly recommended model, with reasonable price range.

5. Haier Full DC Invertor HSU-18HN – 1.5 Ton – Rs. 74,000

Haier is another reliable brand name in world of air conditioners with Turbo cooling system. Some of the major features of this inverter includes strong airflow with 3M Purify filter and dust filter. The sleek body of Haier 18HN is anti-corrosion and also has R410a Refrigerant.

6. Changhong Ruba – DC Invertor Turbo Cooling – 1.5 Ton – Rs. 65,000

With 68% energy saving, Changhong Ruba’s Turbo Cooling has great ratings. The inverter has a Turbo cooling and heating system with double layer condenser. With 18000 BTUs, the inverter can cool a room up to 180 sq feet. The brand provides 3 years warranty as well.

7. EcoStar Inverter Air Conditioner ES-18AR01WSA – 1.5 Ton – Rs. 65,000

EcoStar is another emerging name in field of electronics specifically TVs, LEDs and Air conditioners. EcoStar has a tier 1 partnership with Gree along with other brands which ensures its reliability. The EcoStar Inverter has multi health filters with 4 Grade Indoor Fan Speed and Defrost Mode. The 18000 BTUs with Turbo Mode allows cooling of room up to 180 sq feet. The inverter is also very economical with reliable quality and 3 years warranty.

8. Gree – GS-18CITH12G Cozy Series – 1.5 Ton – Rs. 82,000

Gree 1.5 Ton inverter cozy series is a successful model with both cooling and heating factor. The inverter also has an intelligent sleep mode which increases thermostat with each hour to maintain a cool temperature while saving electricity. The inverter is ideal for rooms up to 250 sq feet with Turbo cool and Long-distance air throw.

9. Kenwood KET-1829S e-Inverter Tech Plus Tropical Series – 1.5 Ton – Rs. 68,500

With a 5-year compressor warranty, Kenwood KET e-Inverter Tech Plus is an economical model that provides both heating and cooling functions. The inverter has a 4D air flow with a self-cleaning feature and intelligent sleep mode. The inverter also has an anti-fungus function in line with eco-friendly aspect of Kenwood products.

10. Changhong Ruba 18SW Auto Cleaning – 1.5 Ton – Rs. 66,000

The 18SW Auto Cleaning is a premium model by Changhong Ruba which offers both heating and cooling function. The inverter has Gold fins evaporator and condenser and Turbo cooling and heating. The brand offers 3 years warranty with several smart functions and hidden LED design. The model is still an economical choice compared to high end brands while offering reliable quality.


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