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10 Best Hand Sanitizers in Pakistan to kill Corona Virus

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The user of hand sanitizers is the second most important item available to effectively kill Coronavirus. Yes the first one is of course washing your hands with a soap for 20 seconds. However, due to the inherent limitation of water and soap everywhere, hand sanitizers comes in handy to carry with you when you are going outside your home or office. You can easily apply it after getting exposed to risky environments and hence effectively neutralize the potential contact with coronavirus.

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However, it is equally important to ensure that the hand sanitizers that you use is the best one available in market and has the right ingredients to kill coronavirus or any other viruses which may cause harm to the carrier. A typical hand sanitizer content includes, ethyl alcohol, glycerin, water and fragrance (odorless options are also available). However, there are alcohol free hand sanitizers also available which contain quarternary ammonium compounds (usually benzalkonium chloride) instead of alcohol. These can reduce microbes but are less effective than alcohol. Therefore, alcohol based hand sanitizers are most preferred ones.

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In alcohol based hand sanitizers, Ethyl alcohol is the key ingredient. Hand sanitizers containing 60% to 95% alcohol are most effective. However, higher concentrations are less potent because proteins are not denatured easily in the absence of water therefore anything about 90% will reduce its potency. The concentration of alcohol in antiseptic hand rubs are often expressed as percent by volume, but sometimes as percent by weight.

Let’s check out the list of 10 Best Hand Sanitizers that Most effective in killing Corona (COVID19) virus and available in Pakistan.

  • Medicam Hand Sanitizer
  • Cool and Cool Hand Sanitizer
  • Dettol Hand Sanitizer
  • HiClean Hands Sanitizer
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer
  • Lucky Hand Sanitizer
  • The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Sanitizer
  • Clearex Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer
  • Doctor Hand Sanitizer
  • Hemani Tropical Tango Hand Sanitizer

Review of Best Hand Sanitizers Available in Pakistan

Below is brief review of some of the best available hand sanitizers in Pakistan

Medicam Hand Sanitizer

Medicam hand sanitizer is manufactured by Medicam Laboratories which is a famous brand name in Pakistan. It also kills 99.9% of germs without water. It is alcohol compound with Vitamin E as well.


Medicam Hand Sanitizer Price in Pakistan

300 ml price is Rs. 450.

Cool & Cool Hand Sanitizer

Cool & Cool anti bacterial hand sanitizer is manufactured by ABC Industries located in United Arab Emirates. It is alcohol based hand sanitizer and hence is effective in killing 99.9% of the germs. Cool & Cool hand sanitizers comes in different packaging in Pakistan and even available in sachet packs.

Cool & Cool Hand Sanitizer Price in Pakistan

500 ml Cool is approx Rs. 1095

Dettol Hand Sanitizer

Dettol is made by world famous Reckitt Benckiser and hence enjoys a strong brand name that is trusted across the globe. Dettol Hand Sanitizer is one of the expensive option available in market. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer protects against 99.9% of germs. With no need for soap or water, it’s a great hygiene solution leaving your hands feeling refreshed & non-sticky.

Dettol Hand Sanitizer Price in Pakistan

Dettol Hand sanitizer 50 ml price is Rs. 250

HiClean Hand Foam Sanitizer

HiClean (STERiZAR) is Alcohol-free so it is 100% non-flammable. It is also non-toxic and safe for both users and patients with neutral PH. Halal Certified and safe it gets mixed with food. It kills 99.999% harmful bacteria and viruses in seconds

HiClean Hand Sanitizer price in Pakistan

HiClean Sanitizer 600 ML costs Rs. 750


Purell Hand Sanitizer is one of the most common brand in the hand sanitizer market. It is very effective and considered one of the best available product. It also kills 99.9% illness causing bacteria and viruses. Purell is specially formulated with added moisturizers to leave hands feeling soft and refreshed.

Purell Hand Sanitizer Price in Pakistan

60 ML Purell Hand Sanitizer price is Rs. 275

Lucky Hand Sanitizer

Lucky hand sanitizer is another good option available in Pakistan and manufactured in Turkey under license from Delta Brands USA. It has Ethyl alcohol content of 70%.

Lucky Hand Sanitizer Price in Pakistan

236ml Price is Rs 325.

Body Shop Hand Sanitizer Strawberry

Body Shop has also ventured into the hand sanitizer market. Body Shop hand sanitizer keep your hands fresh and clean with the strawberry hand sanitizing gel. It is perfect for your handbag and on-the-go cleansin. It is expensive compared to other available options.

Body Shop Hand Sanitizer Price in Pakistan

60 ML hand sanitizer price in Pakistan is Rs 880.

Clearex Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

Clearex is a good quality anti bacterial hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of the bacteria. It is also widely available in Pakistan.

Price of Clearex Hand Sanitizer

100 ML of Clearex hand sanitizer price is Rs. 210

DOCTOR Hand Sanitizer

DOCTOR hand sanitizer reduce bacteria and germs on your skin. Doctor is light on skin and comes in a unique packing.

Price of Doctor Hand Sanitizer in Pakistan

55ml of Doctor Hand Sanitizer in Pakistan is priced at Rs. 150

Hemani Hand Sanitizer

Hemani Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer effectively kills 99.9% of germs. Easy to carry and refreshesyour hands on-the-go. It is one of the most widely available option in Pakistani market.

Price of Hemani Hand Sanitizer

Price of 250 ml. Hemani hand sanitizer in Pakistan is Rs. 275.

NUST N-Safe Hand Sanitizer

This is just a bonus addition to the list of hand sanitizers as its developed by Pakistan leading university NUST.  N-Safe is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer Gel, developed according to the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines 2020 that declare only high percentage alcohol-based disinfectants as effective protection against COVID-19. N-Safe Hand Sanitizer Gel has been certified for 99.99% microbial control by Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR) and has received authorization by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP). N-Safe hand sanitizer is manufactured under licence by Pharmatec Private Limited, one of Pakistan’s most dynamic and fast-growing privately owned pharmaceutical companies, which is developing, manufacturing and supplying pharmaceutical generics and value-added products in the market.

N-Safe NUST Hand Sanitizer



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