#CoronavirusinPakistan Becomes Top Twitter Trend


Twitter is abuzz with sudden rise of Corona Virus aka COVID2019 in Pakistan. As per the Top Trends on Twitter, #CoronavirusinPakistan is the most tweeted hashtag in Pakistan with 25k+ tweets.


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Selected Tweets on #CoronavirusinPakistan from Pakistan

We have selected some of the top tweets on the topic for our readers and sharing them below.

Abdul Wali Mohmand is appreciating Pakistan Government response to the crises.

Ayesha Nauman has rightly pointed out the long term effects of CoronaVirusinPakistan

Safa took the picture of Imran Khan meeting Tariq Jameel to highlight how Tawakul is defined and how leaders should lead by example

Noor in her tweet cautioned people to stay home and avoid going out unnecessarily in public spaces.

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