Live Graph of Corona Covid-19 Cases in Pakistan


Live status of Corona virus or Covid-19 cases in Pakistan based on the official data released by Government of Pakistan. The data is based on the reported cases by multiple sources and utmost case is taken to ensure there is no misreporting.

The data will be updated as soon as new confirmed cases are reported by credible sources.

Total and Daily Additions of CoronaVirus Covid-19 Cases in Pakistan – Live Graph

Province / Region Wise Breakup of CoronaVirus COVID-19 Cases in Pakistan – Live Update

In below Graph you can find the Province and Region wise breakup of Corona Virus or COVID-19 Cases in Pakistan. We will keep updating the figures as soon as Government of Pakistan makes any announcement.

Total Deaths from Coronavirus COVID2019 in Pakistan

Below Graph shares total deaths from Coronavirus COVID2019 in Pakistan along with the daily additions to it. The chart is interactive and hence you can click on the “additions” in it to see daily increase.

Total Recoveries of CoronaVirus Patients in Pakistan

Total Cases of Recoveries from Coronavirus in Pakistan.

Coronavirus COVID2019 Confirmed Cases Worldwide, Deaths and Recoveries

In addition to Pakistan statistics, we have decided to add the global statistics as well. Since Pakistan will be following same path, so correlation is very important.

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