Pakistan Termed Best Holiday Destination for 2020

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Pakistan managed to gain the attention of international forums which accolade it with the best holiday and travel destination to be explored in 2020. Packed with enchanting nooks and unexplored beauty, this off the beaten path is going to be among the most allured places shortly. Stay hooked and explore, what the world is saying about it.

Forbes – 10 Best Under the Radar Trips for 2020 includes Pakistan

Forbes holds the place of a reputable American business magazine. Back in January 2020, it concluded the tourism potential Pakistan to be flourishing in the forthcoming years. Pakistan hosted the royal Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2019. This visit casted a long-lasting impact upon the tourism sector of Pakistan. As quoted by Jonny Bealby (Founder of Wild Frontiers) “Pakistan is perhaps the ultimate adventure travel destination”. The Wild Frontiers is offering 16 days ultimate trip to Pakistan Northern Areas and Hindu Kush mountains.

Pakistan gained this international attention due to its 4000 years old civilization, the hints of Mughal Emperors, and the breathtaking merger of the mountain ranges in the North. Hunza, Chitral, and Kalash Valley are the gems of the North. Apart from the enchanting frame of Northern areas, it is open to bikers, hikers, and trekkers to capture and admire it from a different lens. The infrastructure is rapidly improving making unaccessed places an open treat.

Conde Nast Traveller ranked Pakistan No. 1 in 20 Best Holiday Destinations for 2020

Conde Nast Traveller- UK based travel magazine (CNT) released its best travel destinations for 2020 and Pakistan was ranked atop of them. CNT reported that the historical collection of Pakistan accompanied by visa relaxations and royal visit of Duke & Duchess of Cambridge has changed the world’s perspective.

Pakistan holds the mighty mountain ranges hosting peaks taller than that of China and Nepal combined. Travel past the Shandur Pass to get a chance to visit the world’s highest polo field. The Mughal era left a deep embarked stamp upon the civilization and major historical hits in the cities. The Karakoram Highway lurching into the ancient bedrock is the most exhilarating highways leaving you awe-struck.

Check the video of Conde Nast Traveller 20 Best Holiday Destinations for 2020 on YouTube below:

The British Backpacker Society rank Pakistan 3rd Highest Potential Adventure Travel Destination for 2020

British Backpacker Society (BBS) created a poll among its community of adventure-travel experts. Following this, BBS ranked Pakistan as 3rd highest adventure destination of the future, as posted by Gulf News. BBS quoted that the image of Pakistan in the eyes of the world is recoiling back towards the positive stream. Samuel Joyson of BBS expressed his opinion while attributing Pakistan to be a travel gem and the most fascinating travel hit in the present days.

Samuel was really impressed by the traveling potential of Pakistan. He mentioned Karakoram Highway, crowded markets of Karachi, the delicious aromas of Lahore, and the jovial community of Peshawar which are loveable to interact over a cup of tea. He appreciated the e-visa system and advanced NOC (No Object Certificate) steps by the Government which has put forward Pakistan as a potential travel hunt.

Rosie Gabrielle – Solo Canadian female motorcycle adventure traveler

In addition to the famous magazines and travel sites, individual travelers have also recommended Pakistan as their destination of choice. Rosie Gabrielle is the latest addition to the long list of such travelers. In her latest video, she shared “How Pakistan Changed my Life”.

Rosie Gabrielle has a huge fan following on her YouTube and Instagram channel and she has filled them up with her love for Pakistan. A snapshot from Rosie Gabrielle Instagram is shared below:

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100 k !!! 🎉🎉🎉 At the beginning of 2019 I said, by the end of the year, I want to reach 100k. . This social media journey has been a wild and crazy ride. If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be doing this now, I never would have believed it. I was completely anti-social media and I had a massive fear of speaking in front of the camera. . So, how did I get here ? . Fast forward a couple years later, I hit absolute rock bottom. A broken heart lead to the deterioration of what was left of my health, which then left me panic stricken riddled with anxiety, and on the verge of suicide. I was FINISHED. . Until the news came that one of my close friends had passed away in a car accident, his young life taken so soon. I had read through our messages over the years and each year I said the same thing “I’m not happy with what I’m doing, I want to travel the world by Motorcycle!” . Umm hello?! Why did I not listen to myself? . His sudden passing made me question; have I done everything I’ve wanted to do in life? if I died tomorrow would I be fulfilled? HECK NO ! . Despite my ill health I made a choice right then and there.I was going to travel all over the world by motorcycle! I didn’t know how or what that looked like, but I just knew I would. I also felt I saw the world differently, that I could inspire others and share with them my perspective of life. So that’s when I decided to start a YouTube and social media channel. I knew nothing about making or editing videos, I had a huge fear of writing, and speaking in front of the camera. I remained this way for the first year and a half of my travels. But these small details didn’t stand in my way or discourage me, I kept pushing. I had one goal- I want to inspire millions! . And so the journey started. It’s been a very long hard 3 years, and I can say I work harder now than I ever did in a full time job- and i don’t reap the monetary benefits. But the rewards are so much more than a dollar value. I’m living the life I dreamed and manifested into reality from nothing, and I’m making a difference. Although small right now- I have big hopes for big things!! . DREAM big my friends and never give up ⭐️

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Growing Economic Potential of Tourism in Pakistan

The immense response and coverage by international sites and forums have already explicated the position of Pakistan in tourism. Although Pakistan has faced much negative criticism and a horrific image of it was found among the exotic travelers, but conditions have now changed. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is keen to open the doors of Pakistan to the mountaineers and travelers of all sorts to come and admire the hidden gems of Pakistan. There are major changes done to improve infrastructure and visa policies.

Ranging from “Do Darya” in Karachi, Gwadar in Balochistan, historic Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, to the stunning views of Kashmir, Hunza, Gilgit, Chitral or Salt Mines in Khewra and beyond, each one is contributing in its own way to the tourist attractions of the country. Language and cultural diversity have made it even more intriguing to explore things.

World Travel and Tourism Council annual research into economic and social impact of tourism on global economy in 2018 concluded:

  • Contributed $8.8 trillion to the global economy
  • Generated 10.4% of all global economy
  • Contributed 319 million jobs, representing one in ten of all jobs globally
  • is the second fastest growing sector in the world, ahead of Healthcare, IT and Financial services.

There is still enough room in the improvement of marketing campaigns and raising the tourism standard to meet the world’s needs. The positive image of Pakistan being generated in recent years is going to unfold massively with a notable economic return to the country.   

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