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PakistanImage is newly established website with a mission to propagate the Positive and greener Image of Pakistan. We cover almost every topic that is related to Pakistan

Join PakistanImage Keyboard Warriors and Get Paid

For us to succeed in our endeavor, we need ‘KeyBoard Warriors’ with the following skills to join our vision. Successful candidates would be compensated based on industry standards.

  • Strong English writing and editing skills with outstanding grammar.
  • Must be well informed in current and popular trends. You can check the guide here on how to generate ideas for articles or blog posts.
  • Excellent research skills using reputable resources both on-line and of-line.
  • Must have prior experience in creating content using best industry best practice.
  • Experience with content curation and basic understanding of SEO is a must. Check out inpost SEO guide.
  • PakistanImage uses Yoast SEO plugin and hence you should be able to use it as well. Check out the guide on how to use Yoast plugin inside a post. Also another detailed guide on Yoast can be found here
  • Strong understanding of WordPress with prior experience of creating and publishing articles on WordPress platform. Check out one guide here to refresh your understanding

Topics to Cover on PakistanImage

As part of our vision, we would create and publish original content on the following topics:

  • Travel & Tourism (Reviews, Travel Guides, Must Visit Places with quality pictures from free sources)
  • Economy (Economic News, Updates and Opinions related to Pakistan)
  • Technology (News, Reviews, How To Guides and Trends in Technology domain)
  • Fashion (News, Reviews, Brands Update and Latest Trends and Things to Watch out)
  • Telecom (News, Reviews, Brands Update and Latest Trends and Things to Watch out)
  • General (Content which projects a positive image of Pakistan and Pakistanis)

Compensation / Reward for Posts & Articles on PakistanImage

We will compensate selected content as per industry standards as part of our effort to promote our local talent.

Fixed Pay per Article: For any article or news update that is published on the website, we will compensate on our weight-based formula that considers the following factors:

  • Word count (below 500 words and above 500 words)
  • Structure and composition along with grammar of article (rated by Grammarly)
  • Content of Article i.e. research based articles gets higher reward compared to news update. News update needs to be well in time and not published widely by other websites.
  • Media and Pictures should take care of copyrights as we are extremely sensitive about copy pasting anything without proper reference or credits to the source.
  • CopyScape check.
  • Structure of post in WordPress. We will create a customized login for PakistanImage for you to submit your articles on WordPress. All the posts will be reviewed by other editors and published after making any required changes

Based on above criteria, the minimum and maximum range of compensation per article is Rs 350 – Rs. 1000.

Variable Pay per Article: In addition to the above fixed pay, you will also get variable payment for your published article from the ‘total views’ of it as per our Google Analytics stats. The rates are as following:

  • 1000-2000 unique views : Rs 400
  • 2000-5000 unique views: Rs. 900
  • 5000+ unique views: Rs 1500

Please note that we will be promoting published on our social media accounts to increase traffic. However, the content writers are also encouraged to promote their respective articles through their own social media or other channels. Any amount of traffic you bring to your posts will be counted against it as long as its genuine as determined by Google Analytics. We have other apps to track bots and other illegitimate traffic

Total Pay per Post:

Below is example of what you can earn for a typical post of normal quality and high quality:

Normal Quality Article: Rs 500 Fixed Pay & 400 for variable pay as post only get 1000 views: Rs 900 per article

High Quality Article: Rs 1500 Fixed Pay & 1500 for variable pay as post only get 5000+ views: Rs 3000 per article

Based on the above rates, per month compensation would be:

30 normal quality articles / posts per month: Rs.27000 per month

30 high-quality articles / posts per month: Rs.90,000 per month. For 90 high-quality articles per month, the content creator can earn up to Rs. 270,000 per month.

There is no limit on the number of posts / articles provided the above-mentioned criteria is met.

We believe in distributing all our earnings among our writers and hence above rates may be revised upwards or downwards as per the discretion of the website management. However, it will be notified well in advance and hence any change will apply progressively.

Payment Method for Writers/Contributors

We can pay directly into your Bank Account via Online transfer or through JazzCash account.

How to Become a Writer/Contributor on PakistanImage

Below are the steps to join us as contributor on PakistanImage:

  • Step 1: Read the above guidelines carefully
  • Step 2: If you meet the above criteria, please proceed to Contact Us. In subject write “Contributor for PakistanImage”. Provide your valid e mail address.
  • Step 3: PakistanImage team will contact you and ask you for two sample articles either already published anywhere or in case of new writers, on a sample topic
  • Step 4: If you meet our criteria, we will send you a detail pack with detail guidelines and assign you a unique username and password to start contributing to PakistanImage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many articles i can write per month?

There is no minimum or maximum limit. You can write as many articles as you want. However, PakistanImage team will decide which articles meet our criteria for publishing on website.

Question: What should be the length of article?

There is no fixed length for any article. However, ideally it should be above 300 words and there is no upper limit.

Question: When will i receive my compensation?

Contributors will be compensated approximately 4 weeks after publishing of their articles to give us sufficient time to calculate variable pay. Any subsequent increase in variable pay will be paid after 8 weeks from the date of article posting.

Question: Who owns the articles?

The articles become the sole property of Pakistanimage once it is published on PakistanImage